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videoliveviewpcluginliveviewpclinklinkloudspeakerlsusbmicrophonemuteoffmuteonmicrophonecrashshtns about as helpful as ever haha artois: can you share the dmesg errors? I've been trawling thru the bug reports and found one similar issue TJ-: no, and I'm not actually going to do that until I've got this sorted out somehow; the bug is that my USB serial port works on one machine but not on others (and that's not the only source of trouble, believe it or not) artois: I'm not suggesting the serial port; I'm suggesting is if you can share any of the dmesg errors TJ-: I'm not sure where to even begin, you'd have to enable dmesg logging or maybe it's in /proc the error is "USB Serial Device Descriptor not as expected, resetting..." I don't think that's enough to infer anything, though as I said, the bug is that it works on one machine but not on another artois: could it be a 'dongle' that has a known faulty firmware image? or a kernel bug that causes that? TJ-: it could be all of those but there's nothing about "dongle" that I've seen or heard of I don't think it's a driver bug per se artois: can you use the device on another computer? TJ-: no, because the serial port, which is the actual computer, is also messed up the dongle is not connected to the computer artois: OK, I need to go. It sounds like you've investigated the whole problem now though, so carry on I'm just going to give up at this point; I have no idea what's going on thanks for the help though; you've been great artois: good luck with it!




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